Hans Jeths works as a theater maker, performer, designer, and process facilitator. He develops works on the border between physical and visual theater, using photography, film, visual arts, storytelling, meditation, and poetry. He is trained as a theater teacher, physical performer and creator, clown, body-oriented therapist and systemic facilitator.

His work is rooted in physical theater, which serves as an expressive form for his desire for freedom, inspiration, and the potential to bring about human transformation. His central fascination lies in how movement can be felt before it is actualized.

In addition to his own artistic work, he supports creative and artistic professionals in developing their identity, autonomy, and presence. He offers workshops, training, and coaching in various sectors, including the business world, cultural and artistic sectors, and art education.

My work is about exploring the tension between what already exists, the story that wants to be told, and what I want to create. In doing so, I use waiting, not-knowing, and human vulnerability, as these directly provide access to the imagination.

I operate in the free space between the familiar and the unknown, between recognition and alienation, and between the everyday and the magical. This offers me limitless opportunities to investigate, reflect, and question assumptions. At the center of my fascination is how movement can be felt before it is actualized.

With my work, I aim to touch, inspire, and challenge people to look at the world in a different way. By using different art forms and exploring the boundaries of physical and visual theater, I create unique and meaningful experiences.

— Artist statement

With my art, I strive to break boundaries and transcend conventions, allowing us to see the world in a new way. Through interventions that slow down, disrupt, still, and repeat, I create openings in our consciousness. This leads to a different perception of time and space and offers new insights into human experiences.

I believe that art plays a valuable role in conveying essential values such as beauty, trust, humor, freedom, love, and truth. By highlighting these values, I contribute to reflection, meaning, and inspiration of valuable ideals.

My work deliberately plays with roles and perspectives to evoke curiosity and wonder. By experimenting with timeless time and silence, I enter areas of not-knowing and in-between spaces of the mind. This results in a process of essential encounter and exchange between play, player, and spectator.

My goal is to invite the viewer to look at the world and themselves in a new way. I hope that my work contributes to a greater awareness and understanding, allowing the viewer to experience themselves and the world at a deeper level.


Photo: Wout Jan Balhuizen (2023)

The poem, the song, the photograph, is merely water drawn from the well of humanity, and it must be given back to them in a cup of beauty so they may drink... and in drinking understand themselves.

- Federico Garcia Lorca

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